Navigate through an open world, while hunting for gold.Manage multiple facets of your operation, from fuel and workers to resource collection.Discover over 21 different resources, all with their own market price, or use them within your operation.Build powerful armies and powerful alliances with people across the globe through our worldwide servers.Control POIs alone or with your entire alliance.Most importantly, grow your net worth to compete with players across your region to be crowned the most profitable gold miner in all of Gold Inc!

  • Play-To-Earn
  • Massively Multiplayer Online
  • Free-To-Play
  • Mine Real Crypto


Gold Inc, is the central distribution method for GXB. Utilizing your mines to produce over 21 different resources you will work to unearth gold, then turn that gold into GXB by converting it within the app. Players can then use GXB in many ways, whether it is to sell for profit, build your VIP level, buy in-game items only redeemable in our portal(coming soon) or buy NFTs for use. The uses for GXB will grow as the economy is built.

  • Use gold for in game items.
  • Sell, or utilize GXB for your gain.


NFTs will be utilized in Gold Inc in several ways. One of which is mining equipment. Players can upgrade their mining equipment to NFTs, these NFTs will produce higher resources for your operation. NFTs will be limited and can be resold on our secondary market. Players will also have the ability to uncover NFTs while mining which will be EXTREMELY rare and add to the thrill of mining. What will you discover next?

  • Use NFTs in-game.
  • Trade NFTs in the secondary market.
  • Discover NFTs while actively playing.